Peel and Stick Wall Prep

Posted on: October 14, 2022 by admin

Don't buy peel and stick wallpaper with plans to install without completing all necessary wall preparation work. Peel and stick, even though easy to install, requires some fundamental preparation before installing if you expect good results.

• Your surface, wall, must be absolutely clean and free of all dust.
• If your wall has heavy texture, you will not obtain good results without additional preparation.
• To install any kind of wallpaper on a heavy textured wall, you must first remove the texture. It is dirty work but you can sand the texture off with a sanding block outfitted with a sanding screen.
• Once you have a smooth wall, you are ready to apply about two coats of white pigmented shellac. The shellac dries in about 30 minutes so you can make real quick work of having the surface ready for wallpaper in a little over an hour. Yes, you can install paper on the painted wall (pigmented shellac) in about an hour. Not necessary to wait until next day as with other less appropriate products, The pigmented shellac soaks right into the wall as opposed to drying on the surface of the wall as latex or other products do.
"If The Job Is Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Correctly."



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