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Single Cell 3/8" SoftCel Shade


This is a classic single cell 3/8" shade made with a unique softcel fabric and d-cell structure. The result is a perfect pleat that offers long-lasting beauty. We stock a variety of colors to match many kinds of decorating styles. There are four lift system options to choose from: Standard Cord which offers a smooth and reliable operation; Continuous Cord Loop featuring a unique clutch system making raising and lowering easier; Top Down/Bottom Up allowing you to adjust your lighting preference and control your privacy level by lowering shades from the top to let in natural light, or raising them from the bottom like a traditional shade; and for door applications, the SmartFit system which offers a tight fit for doors and sloped windows to minimize light leakage and maximize privacy.


  • Softcel fabric
  • Energy efficient both in summer and winter
  • White backing to street side
  • Superior Operating Systems
  • 29 light-filtering colors




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