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2 Inch Corded Smart Privacy Faux Wood Blind


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2 Inch Corded Faux Wood Blind
• Award winning SmartPrivacy® technology seals light gaps with slat-to-slat coverage
• Smooth reliable performance with cordless lift system for child and pet safety.
• Available in many stain and paint finishes.
• Covers a large range of sizes.
• Standard wand tilt system.
• Fabricated on a sleek, decorative polydeco headrail requiring no valance.
• Optional Cord Tilt System.
• Optional Designer Crown or Modern Curved Valance available.
BBB A+ Rating over 30 Years.
Shop with Complete Confidence from a "Custom First" Dealer.


  • Smart Privacy® tight-closure slats
  • Steel headrail
  • Engineered trapezoid bottom rail


  • Minimum Width: 10 inches
  • Maximum Width: 96 inches
  • Minimum Length Wand Tilt: 26 Inches
  • Minimum Length Cord Tilt: 51 Inches
  • Maximum Length: 118 Inches
  • Standard Width Deductions: Inside Mount: less 3/8 Inch;
  • Outside Mount: ordered width
  • Standard Length Deductions: Inside Mount: less 1/16 Inch
  • Outside Mount: ordered length


  • Designer crown valance or Modern curved valance with surcharge
  • Wand Tilt only

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