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2" Cordless Smart Privacy Faux Wood Blind


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2 Inch Cordless Award Winning SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds
• Seals light gaps with tight slat to slat coverage
• Modern Valance Free polydeco headrail
• Certified Best for Kids.
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  • SmartPrivacy® Cordless with smooth operation
  • Tight closure, enhanced privacy and greater light control
  • Valance-free Polydeco Headrail
  • Wand Tilt Only


  • Minimum Width: 8.5 inches
  • Maximum Width: 96 inches
  • Minimum Length: 26 inches
  • Maximum Length: 96 inches
  • Blinds less than 13" Center Tilt Only
  • 20 color choices


  • Designer Crown Valance Width Based Surcharge
  • Modern Curved Valance Width Based Surcharge
  • 20 color choices

Item ID: NM220

List Price: $112.97

Sale Price: $70.04

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