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Single Roll vs. Double Roll

When ordering wallpaper, people often get confused because of how it's packaged. Every wallpaper manufacturer packages their product in double roll quantities.

This means that wallpaper can only be ordered in multiples of two and will always include an even number of rolls. We understand if you find this a little perplexing. Our customer service staff gets phone calls on a daily basis from individuals who think they received only half their order (i.e. they ordered 4 rolls and only see 2 rolls at their door). It's very easy to forget that a double roll is actually one continuous length of wallpaper twice the length of a single roll measurement.    You can't actually purchase a single roll of wallpaper.  

In the wallcoverings industry, wallpaper is printed in two primary widths i.e. 21” wide and 27” wide.

  • A single roll of 21” wallpaper is approximately 16.5’ long
  • A single roll of 27” wallpaper is approximately 13.5’ long
  • A double roll of 21” wallpaper is 33’ long
  • A double roll of 27” wallpaper is 27’ long
  • Each double roll is twice as long as a single roll
  • A single roll of 21” or 27” wallpaper would only yield one 8 or 9 foot drop
  • A double roll of 21” or 27” wallpaper will yield three eight or nine foot drops and sometimes you can get four from a double roll of 21” wallpaper
  • Some manufacturers vary slightly but not very much, if any
  • Wallpaper is packaged this way so that you get better coverage

On Total Wallcovering's website, you will order in increments of 1, 2 3, etc. depending on how many "double rolls" you need.  So, if your installer says need 6 single rolls of wallpaper, you will enter 3 and receive three bundles (or three double rolls) at your doorstep. 

When you inspect your order, please don’t be surprised when you open your package.  Read the label and you will see that each bundle is twice as long as a single roll. We hope that this gives you some insight into this common issue, however, if you still have questions, please feel free to give us a call.