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2622-30225 Eva Grey Paper Weave Wallpaper

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    Double Rolls
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Double Rolls

Due to digital reproduction limitations and monitor settings, some images are not a 100% accurate representation of the physical product. For accurate color comparison, please order a sample.

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Different colored grasses makes this woven texture a fascinating sight. A chic silver base shimmers ever so slightly behind each tie-dyed thread.

    • Pattern: 2622-30225
    • Book Name: Jade Grasscloth
    • Design Studio: Kenneth James
    • Colors: Contains: Grey
    • Roll Width: 36.00 In.
    • Roll Length: 24.00 Ft.
    • Repeat Length: 0.00 In.
    • Finish: NonVinyl
    • Match: RandomMatch
    • Paper Attributes:
    • Unpasted
    • Total Square Feet: 72.00 Sq. Ft.

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