The Scoop on Textured, Brick and Stone Wallpaper.

Blue grasscloth in Dining Room

When it comes to wall decor, textured wallpaper is a great option for people who want to give a room a three-dimensional effect or maybe cover some blemishes on the wall.

Textured wallpaper gives you the option to create a faux brick or faux wood effect, without the hefty price tag that is often attached.

In most cases, textured wallpaper is made to look exactly like the material it is mimicking. In the case of faux brick and wood wallpaper, they often feel like the texture. There are many varieties available, with the most popular being brick, stone, wood/beadboard, and grasscloth. Lately though, we have seen an increase among textured damask, floral and scroll patterns and even within more basic neutral patterns.

Many times we love the idea of having the exposed brick look in our homes, but it’s simply not practical. Brick wallpaper ends up looking just like those sought after exposed brick apartments in West Village, but at a nominal fee. Then, if you ever want to redecorate later in life, you can tear it down and do something completely later! If you had real exposed brick you would never be able to change it up!

Tuscany Brick In Bedroom

Tuscany Brick Wallpaper in a Bedroom

Another look that is becoming increasing popular is a wood planking on walls. Wood walls add rustic dimension and depth to a room. Not the old wood paneling, but actual planks of wood set to different levels.  This can be accomplished with actual wood thanks numerous Pinterest tutorials. But textured wood wallpaper allows you to create the same look with minimal cost and effort compared to using real wood!

Rustic Wood Wallpaper

Franklin Dark Brown Rustic Pine Wood

Dark Brown Wood Wallpaper

Ardennes Dark Brown Wood Panel by Brewster

Some textured wallpapers are paintable to achieve a completely unique look from any other wallpaper. A paintable wallpaper allows you choose your pattern, and then paint it any color your desire.  While paintable wallpaper makes for a fun DIY project, it is very common in Europe and cold climates as the paper and paint add a decent insulation around the walls.

Paintable textured wallpaper

Pitch Geometric Ogee Paintable Wallpaper

A wonderful way to add warmth and subtle definition to a room is to use grasscloth wallpaper. It can be a bit pricey, but the look it achieves is gorgeous. It is becoming very popular wallpaper among designers as it leaves a room soft yet luxurious.

Blue grasscloth in Dining Room

Blue grasscloth in Dining Room

The actual amount of texture will vary between patterns and designers and then some wallpaper designs will have an appearance of being textured but are still smooth. We highly suggest you request samples of any wallpaper you are interested in before investing in the official purchase. This will allow you to get a feel for the wallpaper and make sure it is the right fit for your home.

Who is ready to go shopping for some textured wallpaper!