Hey, Ever Heard of Textured Wallpaper?

When it comes to wall coverings, textured wallpaper is a great wall decor product for people who want to give a room a three-dimensional effect or maybe cover some blemishes.  In most cases, this particular type of wallpaper is made to look exactly like the material it is mimicking.

Faux Wood Wallpaper In Bathroom

Bathroom Designed by Benjamin Dhong Interiors

For example, brick wallpaper is manufactured to look and feel like real brick. It is slightly raised and has a very similar texture to the real thing. When you install this type of paper on the wall, it will make it look like your walls were actually made out of square bricks.

Many bars, restaurants, pubs and public buildings use textured paper because it makes their interiors look and feel as if they were made from really expensive materials.

Faux textured wallpaper is a bit different in the sense that it looks like it has a three-dimensional texture but it does not.

Grasslcloth in Dining Room

Dining Room Designed by Bruce Norman Long

It may look like the real thing, but it is 100% smooth when you touch it. The wallpaper is just designed and printed in such a believable way that you would swear it was the real thing if you saw it.

A specific type of wallpaper will be more expensive than usual depending on the amount of texture it has. That is why raised textured wallpaper costs more than faux textured wallpaper.

There are many varieties of this kind of paper, but by a wide margin brick, damask, stone, tile, wood, marble, and stucco are the most famous. If you buy this kind of wall covering from a high quality brand, then your wall will look as though it were actually made from those materials just mentioned.

Many people choose this option who want a specific look but cannot actually afford to do it. Textured wallpaper is the next best option.

Faux Tile Wallpaper

Bathroom Designed by Shelly Rodner C.I.D.

For instance, if you wanted a room actually made out of brick or wood, then you would have to spend thousands of dollars to do that. The materials would have to be ordered, sized to fit and installed by a professional. Many people with large sums of money do just that and the room looks fantastic!

However, a homeowner can achieve a very similar look if he had textured wallpaper installed that looked like the material he actually wanted. The room will still look authentic and capture the theme he is going for.

As wallpaper is making a gigantic comeback in 2012 this specialty textured paper is leading the way. It is giving interior decorators and DIY home remodelers a great relatively inexpensive option when they are looking to give their home a more multidimensional look.