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Three Sisters Studio

Three Sisters Studio Wallpaper

The Three Sisters Studio brand brings to life thirteen wallpaper collections in various patterns, characters and colors that the entire family will enjoy. Their books feature very innovative lines of themed paper, landscapes, maps, scenic murals and popular children’s characters. From children to adults, from cartoony to classy, the Three Sisters Studio brand from York has it all.  Thinking about replacing your kitchen's old wall decor?  The Bistro 750 book has a vast assortment of artistic kitchen themed prints that will turn your kitchen into a culinary paradise. The Hearts and Crafts 3 and Folk Heart 3 collection has an excellent array of country themed prints of ranches, barns and stars & stripes that will bring the farm to your house. If you are a fan of the wilderness then you will absolutely fall in love with the patterns of the Lake Forest Lodge

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Hide and Seek sale
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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Wallpaper Book by by Chesapeake Wallcoverings

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Metallika By Seabrook Designs

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Villa Flora

Villa Flora Wallpaper - Sandpiper Studios


Hearts and Crafts 3

Hearts and Crafts 3

Hearts and Crafts 3 Wallpaper Book- Three Sisters Studio