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Discover a range of creative lace crochet motifs and lively damask patterns. You will enjoy the Collins and Company books covering different aspects of wallcoverings. Discover the refined luxury of Opulent and the serene magnificence of Panache. Accept the elegant looks of Gatsby, or the subdued hues and impeccable patterns of Monaco or Casa Blanca with contemporary wallpaper options.  


Embrace the beauty of nature with stunning floral wallpapers, designed to infuse your rooms with charm and personality. Discover vibrant botanical patterns that bring a touch of the outdoors indoors, creating a welcoming atmosphere. For a touch of contemporary flair, explore modern wallpaper designs featuring sleek lines, abstract elements, and striking color palettes. Transform your space into a modern sanctuary that reflects your individual style and personality. 


Make a statement with a selection of animal skin print wallpapers, adding a touch of luxury and exotic allure to your home decor. Choose from faux animal prints like zebra, leopard, or snakeskin to create a space that is uniquely yours. At Toal Wallpaper Coverings, find the perfect fit to express your personal style. Explore our collection online and let us inspire you to transform your living spaces with elegance and creativity.

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