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French Country by Seabrook

French Country by Seabrook

Design Studio: Seabrook Designs
Distributor: Seabrook Wallcovering

French Country by Seabrook

Our country home dC)cor wallpaper collection is designed to capture the style and warmth of the countryside, infusing your space with rustic beauty and a touch of elegance. Inspired by the charm of farmhouses and the cozy atmosphere of country homes, these wallpapers Colette Cameo Wallpaper, Petite Feuille Spring Wallpaper, Florale Trail Wallpaper, En Rose Wallpaper, Eliott Lines Stripe Wallpaper and Bebe Ginghamd Wallpaper, embody a country-chic aesthetic that brings a sense of nostalgia and comfort to your walls. One of the key features of this collection is the incorporation of plaids, which are classic patterns often associated with country-inspired decor. Plaid designs add a sense of traditional charm and evoke feelings of warmth and coziness. These wallpapers allow you to bring a timeless and inviting element to your space.

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