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Texture FX

Texture FX

Design Studio: Patton Wallcovering
Distributor: Patton Wallcovering

Texture FX by Patton Wallcovering

The Texture FX wallpaper collection by Patton Wallcoverings is a versatile and comprehensive compilation of plain textured wallpapers designed to enhance various areas of interior spaces. As the name suggests, this collection focuses on providing a range of contemporary plain wallpapers with different textured effects, offering an array of design options for different preferences and styles. The collection includes wallpapers that imitate the look of linen, rustic plaster, fiber weaves, and sandstone textures. These textures can add depth and visual interest to walls, creating a sense of tactility and organic appeal. The inclusion of such diverse textures allows individuals to choose the one that best suits their desired aesthetic and complements their existing furnishings and themes. The warm color palette featured in the Texture FX collection comprises various neutral tones like beige, cream, and grey. Neutrals such as 3D Plaster Wallpaper, Tiger Wood Wallpaper, Micro Texture Wallpaper, Sandstone Wallpaper, Sandstone Wallpaper and Scratch Texture Wallpaper, are known for their versatility and ability to create a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. By utilizing these colors, the wallpapers in this collection can provide a contemporary backdrop for any home, allowing for easy integration with different interior design styles and color schemes.

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