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Wallpapers by Dynasty by Thibaut Wallcovering Book

Dynasty by Thibaut Wallcovering

Dynasty by Thibaut

Dynasty is still a very popular Thibaut Wallpaper Collection with an infusion of rich history and a flair of elegant Asian Culture. The coordinating wallpaper, print, woven and embroidered fabrics were inspired by the detail and beauty of a golden age. Patterns include blossoming cherry trees and exotic large-scale flora, an architectural bamboo trellis and intricate lattice weave, and painterly scenic toiles filled with lush trees, pagodas, and people such as Asian Scenic Wallpaper, Cheng Toile Wallpaper,Ming Trail, Lattice Weave Wallpaper and Honshu Wallpaper. Bold, luxurious color palettes with bright hues of navy, green, fuchsia, red, and purple emphasize the fanciful designs of this collection.


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