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Special FX by Galerie

Special FX by Galerie

Design Studio: Galerie Wallcoverings
Distributor: Galerie Wallcoverings

Special FX by Galerie

The Special FX wallpaper collection from Galerie Wallcoverings embraces the trend for shimmer and shine, catering to the enduring love for metallic and glitter in home decor. This collection offers eight non-woven designs that are designed to add style and glamour to interior schemes, whether for an all-over update or a feature wall. The collection features a range of eye-catching designs that incorporate metallic elements and glitter accents. Among the patterns are glitter chevrons, bold geometric spirals, free-flowing metallic ribbons, and a unique glitter web. These designs such as Glitter Block Wallpaper, Flotation Texture Wallpaper, Vertical Textile Wallpaper, Glitter Chevrons Wallpaper, Glitter Web Wallpaper and Spiral Wallpaper, stand out and make a statement, bringing a touch of sparkle and visual interest to the walls. The use of metallic finishes and glitter adds a sense of luxury, opulence, and playfulness to the wallpapers. Metallic accents can create a reflective and lustrous effect, adding depth and sophistication to the overall look. Glitter, on the other hand, adds a touch of glamour and brings a sense of shimmer and shine to the space.

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