April 2014: Trending Wall Decor Patterns

April 2014: Trending Wall Decor Patterns

Pirouette Textured DN3740 Pattern from Candice Olson’s Modern Luxe

In a recent article from the Decorologist about trending color trends, Kristie Barnett quotes

David Bromstad says that wallpaper is becoming the hot, new accent wall.  New technology means that more intricate designs are possible and that wallpaper and murals are now removable and movable, which dispels the phobia that has haunted anyone who has attempted to remove decades-old wallpaper.

Just several years ago, the only thing that bloggers and designers were talking about in reference to wallpaper was how to remove it. You could read an endless stream of horror stories followed by pictures of a husband and wife tearing down ugly twenty-year-old wallpaper, piece by piece, sometimes along with the drywall.

Four months into the New Year, it appears that the public has finally realized that the entire wallcovering industry has entirely changed how they manufacturer their product.

The backing is now made from a material composed of special blend of synthetic and natural fibers, which results in the material not breaking apart into little pieces when it’s torn down, as seen here.

As long as the walls are correctly prepped, the wallpaper should peel off in long stripes when you are ready to take it down.

And, while we are on the subject, it’s a good time to take a look at what’s trending this year.

The top two color combinations are have stayed the same, beige and black & white, however it’s interesting to look at four specific patterns that more people are buying than usual.

Large geometric lines

Bold shapes have historically caused hesitation in homeowners. As much as most people like to look at large colorful squiggly lines, most people tend to be quite conservative in what they actually choose for their wall decor.

The great news is that bold patterns and shapes do not necessarily have to come in bold colors.

It seems that manufacturers finally caught on to this fact and realized that homeowners are willing to take a chance on something new but within reason. York and Brewster are releasing some very bold yet gender neutral patterns that individuals can actually see in their homes.


Masculine prints

Very masculine designs like pinstripes and dark paisleys are on the uptick. These patterns give an interior space a very sophisticated appearance and complements office spaces extremely well.

Masculine Paisley

Metallic highlights 

In the past, way too much “glamour” was put into modern themed collections. The end result was a very small audience for these collections.

The overwhelming vast majority of people tend to decorate their homes conservatively, however, there is a segment of the population that craves something with a little more edge than what their great-grandmother had.

Wallpaper with small hints of metallic and glitter are the best way to accomplish this. We are seeing more designer brands add metallic lines and sparkle elements to otherwise very classic patterns.  This trend has has been well received by many people, creating a whole new niche within itself called “modern classic.”

Metallic Hints

Natural grasscloth

Grasscloth appeals to people who like a sophisticated yet “earthy” look to their wall decor. Made from organic grass fibers, this wallpaper allows you to add subtle textures to your home without being boring.


Its amazing to see the creativity people are displaying when it comes to wallpaper. The headlines have gone from this industry “making a comeback” to innovative projects you can do with leftovers. Jump right over and check out how this person decorated their the inside of their refrigerator here.  Until next time…

Mentioned In HGTV Magazine

This afternoon our staff got a welcome surprise when the mailman brought us a large, white envelope from HGTV Magazine. The contents included a thank you letter and a copy of the upcoming April 2014 issue.

HGTV April 2014

We received a call from from one of their assistant editors in January asking us for some information about one of our York patterns because she wanted to feature it in an upcoming article relating to wallpaper.

They ended up calling us back several days later to inform us that they decided to use another pattern so we forgot all about it.

It looks like their home editing team did, in fact, decide to feature a pattern of ours but it ended up being a polka dot lace print from our Black and White II collection.

Lace Black and White Wallpaper In Bathroom

It’s ironic that the article the pattern was used for has very little to do with wallpaper. The article’s main theme centers around the various ways ladder shelves can be used to decorate a room.

Nevertheless, we love that fact that HGTV is utilizing more wallpaper in their online and print posts. The whole wallcovering industry has drastically changed during the past 10 years and it seems that people are finally starting to take note.

Family & Friends Volume III

Family & Friends Volume III is a wallpaper collection that was released by Chesapeake Wallcovering (now owned by Brewster Home Fashions) in the fall of 2010.

FFR66422, Weathered Clapboards in Kitchen

There are at least 1-2 country themed books that come out every year, however, this particular one has arguably been the most popular among consumers for the past four years.

FFR16153, Cream Rosehip Trail

This book features some of the most diverse selections of barn, country and farm wall decor out of all the other similar country inspired books we’ve carried.

Every pattern listed in Family and Friends 3 contains other matching coordinates and borders that complement it.

FFR66311, Barn Farmhouse Stripe

Its a very comprehensive collection with 220 pages of product that appeals to a wide range of people who like decorating their home with rustic decor.

FFR16133, Cherry Wood Plaid

Most Popular Patterns

The most sought after designs include: weathered clapboard, roseship trail, barn star & sprigs and country rose vine.

Most Popular Borders

The most sought after borders include: heritage tin star, faith, farmstead, summer fields, rise & shine and “life is good.”

Luxury Finishes by Candice Olson

You can imagine our excitement when we were informed several months ago that a new Candice Olson collection was scheduled to be released early this year. It’s no mystery why her designer series has some of the bestselling patterns in the wallcovering industry when you factor in how popular she is in both the United States and Canada.

Dazzling Ashanti Candice Olson

Once again, Candice and her staff have done a fanatic job of putting a distinct modern spin on classic designs. The end result is that her brand appeals to individuals who enjoy both contemporary and traditional home decor.

Magical Candice Olson

Luxury Finishes is full of multidimensional textured prints. Many of the patterns have glitter and metallic elements added to them which gives interior spaces a glamorous look without appearing too extravagant.

Metallica Candice Olson

If you have watched Olson’s show on HGTV over the past decade then you know she has a natural talent for space and lighting. These patterns are made to accentuate those two aspects, no matter where in your house you are hanging them.

Runaway Candice OlsonSometimes the photo uploaded on the actual product is just not big enough to do the pattern justice so we spent the early afternoon uploading many of the the Luxury Finishes patterns to our Google+ page. This should allow everyone to get a detailed view of what they all look like.

Decorating With Wallpaper in 2014

A brand new year is once again in full swing, along with all the hopes and aspirations that come along with it.  Holiday decorations are coming down and homeowners all over the country are planning new decorating projects for various rooms within the house.

Purchasing wallpaper is once again going to be on the “do list” of many individuals who want an entirely new look to their home’s interior.

The resurgence of the wallcovering industry continued throughout 2013 and is predicted increase by as much as 8.2% annually over the next three years.

The following are the new trends in the wallcoverings industry that are predicted to be in high demand during the next coming year.


Beadboard wallpaper has gained an active following over the last three years.  This particular design is not a new one, having been around for decades; however it has really soared in popularity quite recently.

It’s a very versatile wallcovering that can be matched with almost anything. Beadboard is one of those rare types of patterns, much like brick, that can be used on virtually any modern or traditional accent wall you can imagine.

Who would have figured that faux wooden planks would look blend in so well with almost any type of wall décor, and yet that is exactly what beadboard does.

Until this year we primarily saw people hanging beadboard in kitchens and bathroom areas.  That has since changed to include bedrooms, nurseries and office spaces. The amount of creativity we are seeing people use with this type of wallpaper is nothing less than inspiring.


Chevron, trellis and abstract prism style patterns were popular in 2013 and are predicted to grow in their demand in 2014.  Individuals who prefer contemporary wall décor are buying wallpaper with large print geometric shapes designs on them.

Blue/white and black/white are the most popular color combinations right now.  Even more surprising is the fact that many individuals are starting to decorate their children’s room with these patterns.

We are seeing parents use less whimsical themed prints in their sons and daughter’s bedroom (i.e. Butterflies & dinosaurs) and more colorful geometric shapes.


Grasscloth made huge leaps in 2013 and its rise in popularity is showing no signs of cooling off. Homeowners all over North America desire the “skin effect” and textured grasscloth the faux patterns many of them are opting for.

The only hindrance to this type of wallcovering is its cost.  Real grasscloth can cost up to 5X more as traditional wallpaper.

It also can be damaged easily if not handled or installed correctly. Add everything up and you are left with an expensive decorating project that is far beyond what some people would like to spend.

There are however fewer other types of designs that can bring such a high level of modern sophistication to your home. Grasscloth not only feels good to the touch but fills the entire house with a distinct “outdoors” smell that no other type of wallcoverings can match.