Make a Statement in Your Powder Room

Powder rooms are perfect for experimenting with new decorating ideas. Their small area makes it easy for you to plan your next big & bold styled accent wall.

Take some inspiration from the following projects that talented interior designers have decorated for their clients.

This room was done by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators Lilli Design in Dallas, TX. They chose to use the Lattice CX1227 pattern from Dimensional Surfaces. The black armoire and cabinet perfectly match with the wallpaper selected.

We don’t see many people using flock styled wallpaper these days, however, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It looks phenomenal when done right and pared with the right room decor! This room was designed by Angela Strickland in Corvallis, OR. She picked the Velvet Flocked Textured CX1303 pattern, also from the Dimensional Surfaces collection.
This combination of striped wallpaper, white crown molding, and small tile backsplash looks very well coordinated in this powder room. As many interior designers will tell you, it’s all about the lighting. Knowing what kind of lighting and tone you want before you pick your wallpaper is crucial. The dimly lit wall lighting works great with the overall theme. Whisper Black COD0161N
Great Neighborhood Homes, out of Edina, MN, wanted to design a very modern room and that is exactly what they accomplished. The chandelier above the sink adds the perfect final touch. The wallpaper you see is called “Diva” Harlequin ND7087, from the Inspired Elegance collection.

How to Remove Old Wallpaper (Score Tool + Strip Solution)

Question: I have this ugly outdated wallpaper in my kitchen/dinning room that I want removed. It’s horrible but it came with the house. Is this something me and my husband can do or do we have to hire a professional?

The answer to this question depends on how much patience you have and the manner in which the wallpaper was originally installed.

If your walls were smooth and properly prepped, prior to actual installation, then the wallpaper should easily peel off in long, whole sheets. There will be very little scrapping involved.

However, this is a best-case scenario. Individuals and professionals tend to skip steps, even if they know better, without fully thinking about the consequences down the road.

If the installer did not properly prep the walls, whoever that may be, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves, because you have your work cut out for you.

Materials Needed

  1. Wallpaper Scoring Tool
  2. DIF Liquid Concentrate Wallpaper Stripper or equivalent
  3. Spray Bottle
  4. Bucket
  5. Metal Putty Knife
  6. Stiff-Chisel Scrapper
  7. Sponge Mop
  8. Towels or Rags

Step 1: Prepare The Rooms

Remove all decorations off your wall. Place a drop cloth at the base of the wall to catch falling wallpaper strips, hardened glue or pieces of drywall. Relocate all nearby furniture to another room until you’re done so you don’t get any debris on it.

Step 2: Use A Scoring Tool To Perforate Wall

There is a apparatus called a wallpaper scoring tool (example). It’s coned shaped and has four stainless-steel blades underneath that roll. Its purpose is to poke small holes into the wallpaper so that the remover solution is allowed to seep inside. Using light pressure, move the scoring tool around the wall in a circular, scrubbing motion.

Step 3: Removal Solution

You have two options for you solution: commercially made wallpaper remover or fabric softener + hot water. Either option will get the job done.

If you use fabric softener, mix the detergent and hot water in a 1-to-1 mix concentration. Only mix small amounts at one time because you don’t want your solution to get cold.

If you want to get a commercial pre-mixed solution then we recommend Zinsser’s DIF Liquid Wallpaper Stripper. Its made from a strong enzyme that breaks down wallpaper paste. Like the fabric softener, mix the concentrate with hot water inside a spray bottle. Safe and Simple is another good option in you only like using biodegradable products.

Note: When we hung paper over a decade ago, we always used the commercial concentrate because it was faster and more potent than fabric softener. 

Step 4: Spray The Walls

With your spray bottle, liberally soak the section of your wall that you just used the scoring tool on. Spray the section a couple times until it looks fully saturated. Let it soak into the paper for 15-minutes.

See Also: Removing Wallpaper From Unprimed Drywall

Step 5: Peel Off Wallpaper

After 15-minutes, the paste should be loosened up. Now comes the fun part! Take a metal putty knife and and work it behind the wallpaper’s top edge, where two sheets meet. Peel the paper down the wall.

Keep peeling down until the sheet is completely off the wall or you meet resistance. When you come to some resistance, spray the section down with more wallpaper remover to further loosen up the hard glue behind it. Repeat these steps until all of the wallpaper is removed in the room.

Step 6: Remove Leftover Residue

You need to remove the leftover adhesive residue from your walls. You don’t want this stuff interfering with your new wallpaper or showing through your new paint. Spray down your walls again with wallpaper remover (or detergent solution) and scrap off the old residue with your putty knife. Some people like to use a sponge to wipe off the leftover adhesive but there might be some stubborn spots that need to be scrapped.

Step 7: Wash the Wall

You’re almost there! There’s one final step to do before you can call it a day. You need to rinse off the wallpaper remover and dry it. Mix some soap and hot water into a bucket of water. With a sponge apply to hot, soapy water to your walls. Next, rinse them with just water. Dry with a towel, piece of cloth or old rag.

Note: The final step is easier with a sponge mop.

Wednesday Inspiration: Rustic Accent Walls

Rustic themed wallcoverings are definitely trending right now. Historically, only people in urban, loft-styled dwellings decorated their walls with this kind of wallpaper.

Earthy, weathered patterns are quickly gaining steam with a sizable segment of the population (i.e. brick, stone, wood boards) and we’re seeing folks do some pretty creative rooms with them!

This morning we were sent three amazing photos from a longtime customers of ours, located in Perth, Australia. You may remember her house from a previous post we did in June.

She decorated her bedrooms this Spring and spent the middle of the Summer (or Winter depending on which side of the equator you live on) working on her living room. We think it looks great! Thanks Paula :)

Textured Red Brick Wallpaper In Living Room

Dining Room With Textured Brick Wallpaper

Hallway Decorated With Textured Brick Wallpaper

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Fun Friday: Decorating With Yellow Wallpaper

Summertime is here, signaling longer and warmer days for the next three months. Fond memories await as you start planning trips to the beach, work in your garden and those projects around your home you’ve been meaning to get tackle.

This season also presents an opportunity for would-be decorators refresh some rooms in their house with new wallpaper. Some fantastic new themed collections have been released in the last three months, like Olde Francaise, and more are scheduled to follow.

However, due to the time of the year, we thought that it would be appropriate to inspire you with some creative yellow patterns, since it’s the dominate color for this time of year.

Decorating your walls with yellow, either with paint or wallpaper, significantly brightens your room.

Yellow has always been a great mood enhancer due to its association with sunshine, warmth most of all, fun.  This should interest anyone with an interest in uplifting the spirits of a particular room.

Take a look at some fresh ideas that you can personally take advantage to give your room a fresh look for the most popular season of the year.

Yellow Wallpaper In Kitchen

This color is one of the best options for adding amusement and life to an interior space. Besides just adding it to your walls, it can be fun to look for matching yellow decorations that will complement your walls.

Yellow Wallpaper Room Scenes

You might like the color but don’t want to decorate an entire room with it. No problem! Yellow is such a bright color that you only need a pinch of it for it to have its desired effect.

Adds pops of yellow throughout a room to achieve a balanced color scheme that is cheerful without becoming too intense.

Add Dashes Of Yellow For Quick Pops of Color

Adding some white and rustic decor to your accent wall can give a particular space an upbeat vintage look.

Bedroom With Yellow Wallpaper

Traditional yellow floral wallpaper and gray paint make great complements like the one seen bellow. Add some accent decor, a little black and a vintage photo to complete the room.

black and yellow wallpaper

Yellow and dark blue always make for a modern accent wall that is distinct and sophisticated.

Blue and Yellow Wallpaper

Need a little more inspiration?  Take a look at some room scenes from the Bistro 750 and Ashford House Silhouettes collections. You might want to think about incorporating some rrellis, geometic oval swrills or graphic bird prints, all of which are in style right now.


Here is a creative room scene of a dining room papered with Trellis wallpaper from the Bistro 750 collection.


If you’re a fan of classy sophistication, you might enjoy striped patterns. Browse a fan favorite, aptly named Ashford Stripes, for wallcoverings specific to this type of design.


This multi-colored graphic print is called “Bird on a Wire,” also from the Bistro 750 collection. Its a great pattern for people who want to add not only color but a nice pop of amusement to their kitchen area.


One could go on about all the many fun room scenes you can make with yellow accent decor. You can decorate an entire room with the color or mix-and-match.

Use the coupon code YellowWalls at checkout to get an additional 5% off any yellow wallpaper or border pattern you find on our site. Have fun planning, let us know if you need any help and be sure to send us loads of pictures so that we can inspire others.

Feature Friday: Olde Francaise by Seabrook

Olde Francaise Wallpaper Book

It’s absolutely stunning how these designers find their inspiration for these wallpaper books!

This month, Seabrook Wallcovering has released a brand new collection, called Olde Francaise.

By now, we are used to Seabrook coming up with unique series based around tightly themed subjects but this one, as they say, “takes the cake.”

The entire collection is inspired by French antiquity, from King Louis XVI to Napoleon. The culture, fashions and lifestyle of the French Empire during their colonial days embody these wallpapers.

You’ve got to have a pretty creative and imaginative team in order to successfully represent an entire time period in one single wallpaper collection, and yet that is just what this design studio has accomplished. Here’s a small sample of the patterns within this series:



Toulouse Damask






Avignon Crest




Calais Filigree




Paris Damask




Limoges Floral


Limoges Damask